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Ready 2 Wear
September 16, 2008 03:05 PM PDT
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A stroll down amnesia lane! This House mix waz an extension of a fashion show soundtrack I did Circa 1993-95. Some great classicz and creative mixing too boot... One of numerous Mixtapez that I've found in the vault & got around to digitizing! Side 1 of a 90 min tape featuring- Vocal, Latin, and Tribal groovez! Side 2 coming soon (probably)...

HOUSE ABUV: Cloud_11
November 05, 2010 07:52 AM PDT
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HOUSE ABUV Seriez- A selection of celestial, deep, tribal, & vocal grooves including some early classics! Intricately assembled with the unmistakable Hip-Hop instincts Mayo was built on!
Essential Houseware for the sophisticated headz... LIVE from Sunset Park in the HOLLYWOOD HILLS.

October 26, 2010 12:44 PM PDT
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Ok, so I waz kickin it w/ DJ TOO Tuff last week.
Then Sat-0ne & i were talkin bout homage skratchez and routinez...

Funny i came across a practice session of mine from Apr 09 @ My homie DJ M16'z crib in LA.
So i thought it apropos... This one'z for you TOO!!! (Thoze rewindz are still a bitch!)

JukeBox Hero 2010 Spring Remixx
July 06, 2010 09:47 AM PDT
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The "OPEN FORMAT" az they've coined it. Brought to mainstream popularity in the clubz, by the late great, DJ AM.
I personally have alwayz spun that way az did my mentorz, Jimmy Davis & Robbie Tronco. People back in the day called me eclectic... Anyone who waz privileged enough to hear Tronco @ the legendary club The Strand in the mid 80's. Knowz that theze Nu Jack DJs today are hardly breaking new ground with their Mashed-Up potatoez and echo boxez.... Nuff Said! This mixx iz an example of how I interpreted what the masterz before me have done. Keepin it live since circa 85'
What iz a DJ if he can't Skratch!!!
June 20, 2009 06:01 PM PDT
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People keep asking for some kuttin! So here is a little helping from my skratch menu @ casa de DJ M16 in April.

Hip-Pop Mixx
October 22, 2007 05:28 AM PDT
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Club jointz that get girlz to move there buttz...

Baltimore House Mixx
October 22, 2007 04:58 AM PDT
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For all you B-more Headz, MY WAY!!!

October 14, 2008 09:47 PM PDT
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Certainly the genre that Mayo is most known for pioneering. This Old School Hip-Hop mix surely demonstrates why. It also has sentimental value because it's the first mix he recorded in L.A. in 2001. Jointz by P.E.,KRS-ONE, and of course the Beastie Boys make it a must have for all Hip-Hop headz!!!

Silver Lining 2 (Lounge mixx)
October 24, 2007 11:34 AM PDT
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The Silver Lining mixxez began in 2004 @ Electric Karma, (Location W. Hollywood, CA). The series is a throwback to Mayo'z popular ecclectic down tempo sets spun in trendy Philly supper-clubs & lounges. The BPM range of this sound scape allowz the Maestro to showcase hiz innovative mixing
style. True turntablability!!!